What’s this all about!


Life has changed… hopefully for the good… but it’s definitely on a new curve. This blog hopes to capture some of this journey (sorry, I know journey sounds so x-factor- any other suggestions gratefully accepted!) I’m blogging because a) I like writing, b) I think I would like to make a record of this somewhere, c) rather than bombarding my friends with emails- they can choose to read this or not without any sense of obligation d) it might be therapeutic and e) it just possibly might help someone else somewhere in the world!

One of my friends recently commented that the only way I was going to ever make any money was by selling my memoirs… I think this was rather optimistic of her thinking that anyone would want to read them and also the other slight problem is that some people will have to die before I could publish them anyway! But maybe this blog is a start. Of course, I have no intentions of giving mine or anyone else’s real name… anonymity all the way. I have every intention of being very real and honest- but I intend to protect myself and those involved with me- those who have helped, those who are helping and those who have helped to hinder. Please don’t expect juicy narratives of past traumas- it ain’t gonna happen. But I think you can safely expect honesty, especially self-honesty- it really is liberating you know, to realise that you’ve really cocked things up in life, but some things don’t matter as much as you used to think they did.

I cannot make any promises as to how often I post. I realise that I find it very hard to live up to expectations at the moment- in particular my own. So I start this with no guarantee of how it will develop- if it does. I place no expectation on you either to read it. The screen in front of me is my audience in many ways. But if you are still reading (!) thank you- I hope we might both get something from this.



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