Today- in this moment, I am grateful… peacefully grateful… almost excitedly grateful… grateful. Grateful that I have a bit of a way forward…help…ideas…a plan. Grateful for being able to have DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy)- grateful that I have friends that can help make it happen for me. I feel sad for all those people who need it but can’t access it. But today that is not my cause- someday it might well be- but not today. Today is about me, and for the moment no matter how a little uncomfortable that feels for me- that is what I need to focus on. Today and Me. Selfish? Self-absorbed? I don’t think so… it needs more courage to face me than escape me. More resilience to persevere rather than give up. More strength to embrace rather than dismiss. And I want to do this… for me, for those I love and for those who love me. Today.


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