Expectations… are they always great?


I continue to muse and resist the urge to respond impulsively… I continue to choose to put some space between my feelings and my actions. And unusually, I try to accept the safety of the space. Following the incident that I blogged about in my previous post- I have been considering ‘expectations’. Have I found myself in this situation because I did not live up to the expectations that the other person had of me? Most probably yes. Were those expectations fair? Justifiable? Realistic? Warranted? I’m not so sure. Regardless, I haven’t met their expectations- and that has hurt this other person and it hurts me. It hurts me that I can’t be what someone else wanted and/or needed me to be. It hurts me because it has hurt an-other- but I resist the urge to self-blame, I chose not to listen to the inner recriminations…

Another relationship that is also in the process of being re-framed, is my one with God. Bottom line, I have responded in a similar manner to my friend. God has not met my expectations and I’ve had a hissy-fit… After 20 years of trying to get Him to fit into my box- I’m finally realising that He won’t do that- my box just isn’t big enough for Him. How wonderful. Having been on the receiving end of someone trying to box me and showing displeasure at my behaviour… I can see more clearly that someone can’t be what they can’t be… they can’t do what they can’t do… I am made in God’s image- He is not made in mine.

Maybe my expectations need to change? I don’t have to lower them… but maybe I do need to consider for whose benefit I have them.

Thanks for listening.


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  1. Amen luv! ‘Hissy-fit’ Lmao!!! – Though don’t fret! Most people in the secular Western world now ignore God all there lives. And yet He never changes or goes away. He can’t be what He can’t, and He can’t do what He can’t (go away). If He Is the ‘I Am’ He just IS. And can only be. That is the upside to his ‘box’. So I’m pretty sure all number of ‘hissy-fits’ won’t change this. Rejoice!! ;-)xxx

  2. This is the first post that I’ve read so my comment may be spot on or completely off base; however, what I’ve learned is that although I may not be what someone else would prefer, it is the person that accepts what and/or who I am at the time without expectation of change. Even if I am doing something ‘wrong’ in their eyes, they need to look at me not as someone that needs to have their approval, but as someone that would prefer to have their acceptance. If I was everything that everyone else wanted or thought I should be…. then, I would never be who I am. I am filled with fault, imperfections and flaws; however, all of those things are housed in a body that has a soul that is accepting, friendly & warm. When you are who you choose to be, you will inevitably find that those who truly deserve your time will celebrate in the differences that you share and the value that your perspective brings to the table.
    Wishing you the very best….
    Country Claire

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