Peppers in the Pan!


Since starting DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) I have been practising my mindfulness exercises- trying to be in the moment. I have also been trying to increase my repertoire of self-soothing techniques to help me in moments of acute distress. In my sessions with Penelope we have been focusing on using all of my senses- not just as a distress tolerance skill but also as a way of trying to decrease my sense of depersonalization. So when (unusually I was trying to help my friend with preparing tea) I put these peppers in the pan- I immediately saw that they were beautiful. The colours were amazing, which unfortunately my camera phone may not have fully appreciated. (Also, it’s a bit blurred -sorry!)However, I love colour and these peppers brought a moment of beauty into the activity. 

I hope you enjoy them too- but there is more! Not only did I have the pepper-in-the-pan moment, but it was also another pig-in-the-park moment… I didn’t expect that moment while trying to be helpful. But in addition, while at dinner we happened to mention that I had taken a photo of the peppers in the pan, which I think my friend’s younger daughter found a little strange (fair enough!) The dinner guest then talked about the work of photographer Ansel Adams, who apparently specialises in photographing peppers- how random is that… definitely a pig-in-the-park moment. We looked at his pictures and I experienced something new. Thank you peppers-in-the-pan!

Thanks for listening.


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