Pigs in the Park!


Last week, I stayed with friends in West London. One early evening we took the dog for a walk in a local park. As we entered-  we were greeted with this sight…

  a lady walking her pigs in the park!

I can honestly say, I’m not sure I have ever seen someone walking their pigs in the park! It was great! It offered me the exact opposite experience of washing dishes that I outlined in the previous post. I didn’t expect it… I loved it… and tried to let myself be in the moment and join in the experience. I’m not sure that I was hugely successful in doing that- (I think I got a little bit bothered by the fact they were eating the public’s grass and also I was slightly anxious when the dog I was with growled at them)… but I knew that I had seen something unusual and since then I have thought a lot about those ‘pigs in the park’ moments.

I have talked before about my struggles with boredom- I realise that it can be a negative trigger for me… but I don’t necessarily want to live with the constant need for new stimulation (that can be quite tiring)… more and more I am asking God to give me the eyes to see the ‘pigs-in-the-park’ in everyday life: to have my eyes opened to the unexpected… the try and take my mind from drowning in the monotony of the dishes to the potential of the pigs. Sounds far more enjoyable.

Thanks for listening.


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