I am trying to become more aware of what helps and what hinders my mood. In other words, what are my negative and positive triggers. It has been helpful to observe these things… even more helpful to try and avoid them or embrace them, depending on what they are!  Some have been surprising… some have required quite a lot of honesty and perhaps a bit of brutality- but I want to get better, and I have to do what I have to do.

Positive triggers (so far):

  • colours! colours! colours! bright, mixed, (not neon)… but colours! Looking at colours in clothes, photos, pic
    tures, food, paints, felt tips, wool, wallpaper… I don’t care where- I don’t care how… but colours are a really positive thing for me.
  • nice smells- wearing perfume (I don’t normally)… air freshners…
  • FLOWERS!- combines colour and smell- two for the price of one.
  • comforting textures: fluffy blankets (but have to be smooth as well)… squidgy toys to squeeze… and if they are colourful as well- even better!




Negative Triggers (so far):

this pains me to admit, but I realise that staying in bed just reading- is a dangerous thing for me. I spend a lot of time in bed. Actually, I spend every possible moment in bed. It is my place of preference. If I’m home- I’m in bed. My DBT therapist is challenging this- and I don’t like the challenge- but I am trying to embrace it.

On Monday while at my friends, I had the chance to stay in bed and read… I did… and I knew it was not a good thing. By sheer act of will, I got out of bed, I think I might have even showered (?) but I took myself out of the room. It worked well. Thank you.

I will continue with my list!

Thanks for listening.


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