Lift up your head


For years I have walked around with my head down… my view being the pavement or my shoes.

As part of my mindfulness practice I am consciously trying to lift my head as I walk… and the view is very different. I like it!

Yesterday I remembered something that happened 20 years ago. While at university I saw a psychotherapist. Each week I would enter the room and sit in the designated chair. At the end of every 50 mins she would close the session. But I was ALWAYS baffled as to how she knew the time!!! I could see that she didn’t look at her wrist… and while not moving my head I would search the room for any clocks. I thought it was amazing- it was like she just knew. (Please don’t think I idealised her- in fact I was pretty contemptuous of her- but I could never quite understand the clock thing.)

However, one day, about a year later- I walked into her room with my head a little higher and discovered that after all that, there was a clock on the wall directly above my head… and I had NEVER noticed it before that day. I had walked in to the room with eyes lowered and had completely missed the clock. I’ve never forgotten that. But I know that on the whole I walk around with my head down.

Yesterday, I consciously remembered to lift my eyes up as I walked. And I liked the view. I could see cloud formations, different colours in the sky, wind dials, birds… a different perspective. I like lifting my head.


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