Beginner’s Mind


Using Beginner’s Mind is one of the DBT skills in the mindfulness module. I learnt about it last week, having been trying to practise most days- but today saw some benefit of it.

Beginner’s Mind is a skill in approaching everything we do, see or experience as if we’ve never seen it before. Literally, we approach the everyday things with the mind of a beginner. We eat a sandwich as if we’ve never eaten one before. We get into bed as if we’ve never felt clean sheets on us before. We look at the stars in the sky with the wonderment of someone who has never seen the stars.

I’ve been practising. Last week in the opening ceremony, I tried to approach it as if I’d never heard the music before, been in the stadium or played a drum. I’m not sure I was particularly successful but I did try and use the ‘Beginner’s Mind.’

This week with the plethora of Olympics coverage, I’ve tried to apply a lot of my skills (some not as well as others!). I’ve tried to watch the coverage, one-mindfully; watching the coverage while doing nothing else… I’ve also decided to be willing to watch sports that normally I find a bit boring. Instead of going through red buttons and copious amounts of channels to find my normal preferred sports- I decided that I would watch the coverage on BBC1 and take what is on offer. I’m so glad I made that decision, as I’ve been exposed to things that I never thought I would enjoy and seen some wonderful moments.

This afternoon some equestrian stuff was on (haven’t yet worked out what was different about today’s event from the equestrian stuff earlier on in the week?) However, with my beginner’s mind I watched a British girl doing some dressage. I never thought a horse could look so beautiful. It really was like watching a work of art. I like this beginner’s mind stuff.


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