Blogging to beat the Beast


The mental health charity SANE have launched a new part of their Black Dog Campaign, called Virtual Dog.  This blog is part of that campaign. In response to a request for mental health blogs I agreed to tell a little part of my blogging story… I hope it might inspire you.

I blog because it helps…

I blog because it’s safe…

I blog because I have something to say…

I blog because people can listen if they want…

I blog because sometimes people do listen…

I haven’t been blogging for very long. I started after an in-patient admission for bi-polar in March of this year. I went in with bi-polar came out with borderline personality disorder and on the waiting list for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. The only problem being that my trust doesn’t offer DBT, and they can’t call it a waiting list, so I’m on the records as ‘clinical need unmet’. Life was dark.

Life is still dark- but there is a bit of light in the mix now. Thanks to nothing but the sheer generosity of friends, I can access DBT privately. It’s not right that my trust doesn’t provide it… it’s not fair that I can have it and many can’t… but I am grateful. I decided to blog the journey… and it’s been a hugely beneficial thing for me and my mental health.

I blog anonymously, this works best for me currently. Anonymity gives me a freedom to express myself in a way that feels manageable. It also protects my nearest and dearest and that is important to me. Blogging as a writing form is therapeutic for me. It enables me to process my thoughts and emotions. It allows me to consider things from different viewpoints. The blog page doesn’t judge me, it doesn’t answer back- it accepts, affirms and listens.

Moreover, blogging gives me something productive to do. I enjoy creating the posts, choosing images, working on design. Once I can summon the motivation to start, it is as pleasurable activity as I can experience at the moment. When I press ‘publish’, I allow myself that moment of ‘well done, you’ve achieved something’ to flow through my body.

And then as an added bonus, sometimes people read it!!!! Being anonymous there are not many friends that I have told about it, but those that do know, are hugely encouraging.  But sometimes random strangers connect with me through it and that is precious. You just don’t feel quite so alone in those moments. It shows you that a world exists outside of your prison. And you never know, blogging may help me tell my story in person some day.

If I can blog, maybe you can too?


The Virtual Dog is a symbol for anyone who has ever turned online in times of distress. It recognises that special feeling of finding support for mental health issues through social media, and the joy of being able to express yourself online. Their website article page:  explains it in detail.


Thanks for listening.


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