I can’t believe it… Colourful Deserts


I can’t believe it… I’ve published a book on kindle!!!!!! Outrageous… exciting… unbelievable!

A few years ago, in my last major bout of depression I spent some time in a Christian Healing Centre near York- Holy Rood House. It was a lovely time. In that time, I did something I have never done before… I wrote poetry. I’m not saying the poems were any good, (I’m not quite sure what constitutes a good poem?) but the sense of satisfaction at creating something out of a blank page was very cathartic for me.

Last September I remembered these poems and typed them up. Ideally I wanted to make a little booklet of them, but I am so technically un-savvy, I couldn’t even work out how to do that! So they remained on my computer.

Yesterday, I read a request from @depressedmoose on twitter asking for any ‘mental health’ poems people would be willing to donate for a potential new anthology. He also mentioned getting them digitally published. I have duly contributed two poems to him, but it got me thinking… how much would it cost to get my anthology digitally published?

After some research, I found out it would cost me no money. I set to work and last night I got an email saying my first collection of poems, ‘Colourful Deserts’ was on sale for kindle via Amazon. I can’t believe it, I am so chuffed.

Please hear me, this is not a request to buy it… if  I know you personally, just ask for a hard copy- but don’t even feel obliged to do that, reading poetry can be really arduous! And as I say, they could be a load of rubbish for all I know… but I can’t express my joy at something I’ve created being in ‘print’, available for others.

This morning, just to prove it was true, I put Colourful Deserts into amazon and it came up!!!!!!!! I think they are going to create a cover for it, I am so rubbish, I don’t really know how to do that kind of thing! But I’m on Amazon. How cool is that!

As an aside, I wrote these poems when I was far more in love with Jesus than I am now. But as I re-read them yesterday, something stirred inside again and I actually went to church last night for prayer meeting- first time in months that I have even thought about going. That was nice.

Thanks for listening.



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