I’m smiling now about it!…


Yesterday wasn’t a good day… today, I’m trying to have a little smirk at this… below is a slightly edited version of an email to a wonderful friend who in the past has decorated for me… you will soon get the gist! (all names changed)

Hello Debbie,

I have a confession to make to you!
As you know I have a new lodger coming in Sept. The room is great, but where the plaster boards joined, the previous paintwork had cracked. When she came to view I said I would re-paint that wall for her. Someone pointed out that I needed to fill the cracks in with polyfilla. Not having worked since January I knew that I couldnt really afford to ask you- as I am saving up to ask you to come and do a deep clean before Samantha arrives…
so I thought I could do the bloody wall myself…. well, in a nut shell Debbie, I have completely ballsed it up.
I went to homebase and got filla and dulux one coat… Cathy had lent me rollers/brushes etc… and I have just spent a horrendous 2 hours of my life making a completely hash of it.
I tried to sand the filler down, but I obviously didnt do it hard enough… so basically it looks worse than when I started as it has a bumpy line in the middle of the wall… I used a roller and succeeded in getting more paint over me and the floor… then moved to paintbrush and so many of the hairs came off the brush onto the wall it looks like a hair dressers. And cutting in… don’t even go there…
Debbie, it looks terrible, I can’t let her see this… can you help me out? I realise it will cost me more than if I had asked you in the first place, but that is my own stupid fault. I have got quite a lot of green on the white paint and when I went to wipe it off some of it had already dried on :((((
The problem is Debbie, she wants to come on Monday to drop some stuff off… the room looks like a bomb- are you around this week at all?
I’m hoping I have exaggerated how awful it is… I am very upset as I’m writing this… I have tried really hard, but I am finding cleaning the house, doing the garden and now decorating just too much… I just can’t do it.
I have put the lid on the paint and hope to goodness it doesn’t dry out before you get to it.
I am sorry Debbie, I should have just asked you before I even attempted it- such an idiot to try.
Could you let me know when you might be able to help me with it?
Thank you friend.
Thankfully said friend is coming to my rescue Thursday evening. I am so grateful for friends- apparently my friend was laughing a lot when she got the email. She knows me so well. Today, I am trying to celebrate that I even attempted it… I’ve closed the door on the mess. It will wait until Thursday. Today I need to unpack my holiday suitcase and change bed linen. That’s plenty. Only so much a girl can do!
Thanks for listening.

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