Reflections from a paint brush…


I continue to look at the botched wall that I attempted to paint on Monday (see previous post), thankful that it may be rescued on Thursday evening.

On reflection I realise the problem lay in my haste. I didn’t want to paint the wall… and to compensate for that I wanted it to be over as quickly as I could. I approached a middle-distance event as a sprint, and the results weren’t hugely positive

  • a less than satisfactory painted wall!
  • a frustrated and disappointed me!
  • time and effort required by my friend to help fix it!

Nothing catastrophic… no one got hurt… really not worth getting stressed over.

But a good lesson to apply… more haste less speed… planning before starting a task to see if it’s manageable and SLOW DOWN… stop always being in a rush. Live in the moment. Practise mindfulness in the practicalities of life. Enjoy.

That’s my challenge.


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