Checking in.



Hello friends, I am mindful that I have not written for a bit. Some for very practical reasons mainly I’ve gone back to work! Wow, it feels such an achievement as well as a challenge. Only very part time, but still a significant leap for someone who hasn’t been to work for 9 months. I have felt physically very tired by the whole thing, but the satisfaction of feeling better far outweighs that.

I’ve also been busy with a few little projects! I’ve joined a course… sorting the house… and worked on getting ‘Colourful Deserts’ published in paperback. I am so grateful that I feel better and these things are possible. On Friday I had another assessment on my level of depression with my DBT therapist. When I first met her in May, my score was 41 (apparently 10 is ‘normal’) on Friday it had reduced to 18. I realise numbers mean very little- but the correlating life experience matter greatly. (For those interested she uses the Beck Depression Inventory) I am grateful.

I’m growing in my knowledge of what helps me and what hinders me. I’m re-gaining my confidence, which had felt pretty tattered. I’m realising that having a clean and tidy house is one of the most satisfying feelings EVER !!!! I never thought I’d say that! I’m also realising that recovery is hard work, but improvement is a huge motivating factor.

Thank you for listening.




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