Desert Island Discs



A few months ago I stayed with special friends. Phil has always fancied the idea of recording friends and family’s own desert island discs. For those that don’t know Desert Island Discs is a long running BBC Radio 4 programme where a celebrity is interviewed and asked for the 8 music tracks they would take onto a desert island, they are also allowed a book and one luxury item. The tracks are played, anecdotes abound, lots of probing questions and the result is a fascinating insight into people’s lives. I was Phil’s first victim- no I mean volunteer!

I prepared my discs (very difficult to only pick 8). I thought through my reasons for my particular choices and away we went. Through the fits of laughter I began to tell my story. It definitely felt like a therapy session!

As I chatted- I began to realise that maybe my upbringing had been very confusing and at times tricky. Hearing it through this medium was a real eye-opener for me. I actually felt some compassion for myself – an extremely unusual phenomena for me. I could witness how difficult managing those tensions for one so young could have a damaging effect. And let me tell you it was an utterly sanitised account! Some things just aren’t for public knowledge!

I am trying to develop self-compassion, something I find incredibly challenging- but I want to win the challenge. It is such a nicer place to exist from. It is also hard work. I’m not afraid of hard work. I will continue on my road to recovery- it is quite a ride!

I just wonder what your discs would be… A very thought provoking exercise- you never know what might come up!

Thanks for listening.



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