One of the DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy) skills is self-soothing. It encourages us to use all the senses in ways that can bring slight relief to pain or distract us enough to place distance between us and painful moments. It is not yet my strongest skill! But I am working at it! To this end I started baking… I thought the physicality of stirring and rolling etc might help and I do like the smells that come from the oven. With the Christmas season looming and all that I decided that for the first time in my life I wanted to make homemade mince pies- including my own pastry. I confess that I was a pastry virgin. I did not even know what ingredients I needed… But that was not going to put me off. Google and BBC good food guide was all I needed.

With the company and equipment of special friends… I set to work. I now feel more of a complete woman… I have made my own pastry. I can die I little bit more fulfilled. However, let me assure you I will never be making my own pastry again! What a faff! Life is too short for that… Ready made all the way from here!

The mince pies had their debut last night… And they were a good hit. I felt a little bit smug and a tad virtuous at mine being the only home made offering, I think the essential waitrose range is so common(!!!!!!!!) as you can imagine I did make everyone give me their opinion and praise on my creation… But I genuinely think they went down quite well. That’s nice. I’m still never making my own pastry again!


Icing sugar was added at a later date- unfortunately a bit too much and my sister had a choking fit from the excess dust- but it made them look better!


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