I have a lovely relatively new housemate. She arrived end of September and is a joy to share with. She is also completely oblivious to what has gone on for me this year and the work I am now doing in DBT. And that is just the way I want it to stay…

On Tuesday I had a group of friends coming round for a singing session. I really wanted to bake them a cake… I had a fairly busy day so I made the choice to get up at 8 and bake it before I went out for my days appointments. I have NEVER done anything like that in the past. Normally I would get up at the latest possible moment. Literally depending on the shower situation 10mins before I needed to be out of the house. Tuesday was different I had a purpose for getting up.

That evening my housemate returned home to find us singing, drinking tea and eating the lemon drizzle. As I invited her to join us- she said to the group, Hepzibah is a domestic goddess!!!!! I laughed and she re-affirmed her view. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry… I have been called many things in life domestic goddess is not one of them.

It got me thinking about perceptions. I remembered a story I heard of an 18th century man who was convicted of sheep stealing and as punishment ST was branded on his forehead. However, he completely changed his ways… So much so that new people who didn’t know of his past, thought the ST stood for saint, not sheep thief.

My housemate has no knowledge of my previous behaviour and existence- she is basing her knowledge of me on what she experiences- and that in her mind is domestic goddess. And that is more than fine by me.

Thanks for listening.


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