Last week I was challenged about how easily I was prepared to give up on making my own pastry. Possibly one attempt was not really giving either myself or pastry a good chance! So I asked a pastry expert to help me. My friend Agnes has in her own words been “making pastry since world war 2” so that was good enough for me. We had a pastry session she was disgusted that my previous recipe had said add egg and I found the process a little less messy than my first time…

Since my second pastry outing (using marks and spencer ready made pastry) I received an order!!!! So today in my grocery delivery shop I ordered some ready made pastry JUST IN CASE I didn’t have enough time to make my own… And having some in the fridge is most probably not a bad idea… You never know when you need some pastry! However, I was aware that having ready made pastry so close to hand could be quite tempting…

Today the temptation got worse… Tesco substituted my ready made pastry with ready made and READY ROLLED pastry… I’m just not sure home made is going to win this particular battle…



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