To me… it means the world…


Last month a dear friend invited me a ‘Christmas decorating’ evening at her church. I was happy to attend… it would be lovely to see her… and I was up for a creative type of evening! I hadn’t fully realised exactly what the evening would entail… I was not feeling so wonderful in the day and sheer will power got me there and when I discovered exactly what we were going to do… I must admit I was attempted to excuse myself almost immediately!

We were going to make our own Christmas door wreath. Let me put this in context…this is now my 6th Christmas in my lovely little house… I have never managed to get any decorations up…depression, general apathy and exhaustion have normally meant that I just couldn’t quite face it. I did manage to decorate my previous flat, but each year in my annual crash, a dear couple had the yearly job of packing them all away.. as by the end of January I still hadn’t managed to take them all down! So Christmas decorations and me have a history! 

I’ve never had a door wreath… don’t fully understand them… and it has never dawned on me to buy one let alone make one! Well, here was my opportunity and I didn’t feel entirely up for it. I’m not green fingered (regular dead window boxes most summers… you know the type of thing) and I really literally do not like getting my hands dirty (I have a real aversion to clay and messy play… I really can’t stand things getting under my finger nails- that’s for another post!). Not only was I going to have to get my hands dirty… there were creepy crawlies in the moss… yuk! 

However, my friends delightful mum had a spare pair of bright orange gloves and I was happy (matched my handbag!). The tutor was brilliant, really clear and helpful. And I decided to give it a try. I will do another blog describing my emotional and thought processes in a bit more detail. I was possibly a little bit high maintenance… but against the odds, I came away with a wreath that I had pretty much done on my own…

Yesterday, I decorated my wreath, purchased lights and hung it on my new front door. It’s not the best wreath I’ve ever seen, maybe a little too subtle for my taste! but to me it means the world. Thank you. 

Thanks for listening. Image


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