Self-soothing pictures


One of the DBT skills is the ability to self-soothe. Finding those things that bring a sense of peace and comfort when painful emotions and circumstances try and overwhelm us. It is a skill I have found tricky… Not having really been used to doing that for myself. One of the ways I have been encouraged to do is to use each of my senses and make a list of those things that I find soothing.

As I have been practising this skill I realise that my sense of seeing is currently the most powerful for me. I find this a bit odd considering I am a musician- but that is just the way it is. I love working with colour… And looking at art or pictures has a peace inducing effect on me. With my new phone I try and take pictures of things more often, so I can look back at them in difficult moments. Being in France over the new year has afforded me some beautiful views… Thought I might share some of them.

I would love to see some of your pictures that help you.., or any other ways that you self-soothe.

Thanks for listening.





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