Even I’m surprised!


Even I can’t quite get over myself… This morning I stated to crochet… Tick…

This afternoon my lovely brother-in-law attached ornamental butterflies to the outside of my house… Tick

On my request, he then taught me how to drill holes… My lack of DIY skills has always been an irritation to me- so I decided to do something about it… I did ok on my first lesson- he left me two planks of wood to continue my practise! Tick…


Then this evening I am cooking a pork, tomato and rice dish in my slow cooker- enough for 4 meals hopefully… Tick…

Then the lovely tesco man delivered my shopping- I have found myself with about 4 times the quantity of carrots that I thought I ordered… So have found a carrot and coriander recipe for the slow cooker, which I will prepare after eating the pork and then cook over night… I able to use my housemates coriander seeds- I don’t have a mortar and pestle, so a rolling pin and tea towel will have to do…

Who said miracles didn’t happen? Living one… Is very exciting!

Must fly my pinger has pinged!
Thanks for listening.


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