New things


This morning, back home in England… I thought it was really important to start as I mean to go on. It’s really easy to get back into old routines- just thing tele, surfing the net… And I don’t just want to exist… I was really productive in France and I want that to transfer back home.

So this morning, still a hour in front of myself… I started crocheting. I sourced a tutorial on YouTube (with YouTube, I think you can learn anything!) and with finger over the pause button… I started. Here is my first attempt- not perfect in any sense… But a start. I certainly will never despise the day of small beginnings… Who knows where it may lead! I have my eye on crocheting a teapot cozy with flowers on top for holiday friends… Might take a while… But it’s on it’s way!

Thanks for listening.



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  1. love your posts and your creativity….., but I can’t think of tea cosies without giggling since friends of mine who were hosting a foreign student from brazil, told me that she wrote home to her parents, “yoo won’t believe just how cold it is here in the UK, but even the Tea pot has to wear a jumper”…love it! You go for it girl….. I am currently knitting an Aran jumper for my son…. both my girls have had Arran Cardies, and Philippe a cabled pullover….. but this one is keeping me on my toes, so complicated…. back to it ….xxxx

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