Alas, following on from my pinging… Things haven’t quite turned out as expected!

The pork, tomato and rice dish was meant to be cooked at 8.15… It now 9.30 and it still isn’t done! I realise my mistake- the recipe book told me to add the tomatoes and rice to the pan on the hob… But because my pan isn’t big enough I stirred the tomatoes and rice in the slow cooker- which I now realise would have been cold- hence chewy meat and hard rice!

I realise slow cooking is slow cooking but at the risk of not eating until midnight- I have succumbed to toast- which as you can see ha turned out the opposite to the pork- a little overdone!


While waiting for the pork I have been continuing my crochet started this morning… It was meant to be a square!!!!! Not quite sure what’s happened there!


And you know what… It doesn’t really matter. Previously I would have got down hearted, criticised myself and vowed never to try again. It’s fine… The pork isn’t cooked, the toast is burnt and the crochet is squiffy… And I think it is hilarious. I’ve had a good day- lots of new experiences and valuable lessons. No one has got hurt… I’ve not been perfect- but boy I’ve done good.

The only thing is- i just can’t do the soup now- at this rate I’ll be having a midnight feast of pork and the soup might be ready for Monday!

Thanks for listening.


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