Time goes by…


I’ve been brewing a few blogs over the last few days, and today I have the opportunity to put fingers to keyboard and start to post some of them.

For my birthday I was overwhelmed with beautiful and thoughtful gifts… This year, I could appreciate them so much more… The colours just seemed more vivid- the use of them more possible…

One of my favourites is this phone bought by my brother (sourced by my sister!)


(I’ve covered my phone number- because like in the olden days with a type writer my number is displayed for all to see!)

I LOVE this phone… The colours… The shape… The solidity of it… The feeling of properly being on the phone. I look at it in my bedroom and smile. Thank you.

But I also realised that I wasn’t using it! I could sense myself not quite wanting to spend the time putting my finger in the dial and turning it round one number at a time to connect with someone. Touch phone keypads are so much quicker! And this morning, I realised how silly it was- that I had let speed be so important to me, I was avoiding my new beautiful phone. I need to slow down- I want to slow down… I will slow down.

Mindfulness, a key element of DBT- is the skill of being in the moment. I rang a dear friend earlier from my strawberry and cream phone and let myself experience every turning of the dial, every sound of the dial retracting… It was lovely. As I stay at home in this snow day, I am consciously slowing down… Taking my time… Speed is no longer king- experiencing the moment is.

Thanks for listening.


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