A while ago I blogged about my issues with packing a case to go on holiday with… Many of you shared similar sentiments- so I didn’t feel quite as alone! Well, as I’ve been trying to push through my pain barriers with lots of things recently, I’ve started trying to think through ways that might help make the process a little easier.

I have some reticence using the word ‘solutions’ as I don’t want to give the impression that I think everything is ‘fixable’ I’m not entirely sure it is. I think sometimes we have to just either accept or sit with those unpleasant things that don’t actually feel fixable at all… I’m not sure- I think my thoughts on suffering are evolving all the time.

However, in this instance I was trying to think through ‘solutions’ to minor things not the meaning of life! So my progress thus far…

1) I have made steps forward in the packing arena. I have created a going away toiletries bag. It has absolutely everything I need… So instead of trying to find a small enough bottle to hold my shampoo in, I have a set ready to go. I also have an emergency supply of medications, as on more than one occasion I have been known to forget them! A holiday toothbrush and toothpaste as it is so annoying not being able to pack the toiletry bag until after the final cleaning of teeth! I also have a hairbrush- but that has temporarily been moved to the gym bag- so I need to pick up another one when I see one. I LOVE my holiday toiletry bag- it has minimised my stress considerably and I feel very proud of it. To top it all, last week on a snow day I even managed to decant various lotions and potions into my new travel bottles curtesy of primark. Such a feeling of satisfaction!


2) knitting needles… I have various different sizes and shapes and too many for my lovely funky needle bag I’ve had for years. It was very annoying needing to empty out the whole bag to find that elusive number 6… Again on snow day… Inspiration arrived… So much simpler! And I thought this one up all by myself!!!


3) washing up…
Things are greatly improved there because basically I have a house mate and I have to keep on top of it – and I feel so much better for doing so. As you all know I have also started baking and cooking properly and the washing up has been significantly helped by filling my sink with warm soapy water so that when I’ve finished with something I can just put it straight into soapy water. I know everyone else has most probably been doing it for years- but it was a new discovery for me. It really helps!!!!

So, I suppose my challenge to us all, is can we do anything to make life a bit easier for ourselves sometimes? Life can be very tough- but maybe we can help ourselves in the smallest but most helpful ways…????

Thanks for listening.


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