Joy is …


DBT focuses a lot on using all our senses- to soothe in distress and to create and bring value into life. Through this process I have discovered very clearly that I am a visual learner and more influenced by visual stimuli than currently any of the other senses. For years, I tried to deny this- I am a musician and I felt that I ‘should’ be an auditory learner… And for some reason I found this difficult to accept… Thankfully I’ve let go of those judgements…

As regular readers know, I am in a process of de-cluttering and beautifying my home- and absolutely loving it! On Saturday I had one of my sorting days with a dear friend. I had ordered these window stickers to brighten my view from the washing up bowl… They are gorgeous. The view is now even more beautiful than it was before and I have flowers in bloom all year round. Yay!



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