The mastery continues to build!


I continue to work on my creativity and sewing. I have progressed from using the sewing machine to hand stitching… A hurdle for me to jump as I had/have a bit of a block about being ‘useless’ at practical things…

I’ve always had a thing about not being able to tie knots!!!! I know strange… But true! I once tried to hand sew something (while in hospital) and the whole thing unravelled… Which is still a traumatic thought to me- the work I’m creating unravelling!

Anyhow, I can now make knots in my thread- tying off is not so sorted- but I just need to look up a YouTube tutorial!

I can feel my confidence growing with each creation… It feels so satisfying to complete a project- the colours of the fabrics are self-soothing and the process of stitching enables me to be one-mindful… So many skills are being covered at the same time!

I am so thankful for the opportunity and space to create. I am gra



Thanks for listening.


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