A strange thing happened today…


A strange thing happened to me this morning…

I called for the dog to come to me and it did!!!! First time!

My friend is out and I let the dog into the garden… I called for her to come back and she did! I was so shocked I then did it 3 more times to check it wasn’t a fluke! I remembered the hours of my life I spent calling for my own dog Dukie… And he wouldn’t come until he was ready. Every night getting him to come back in – was hard work- for both me and my long suffering neighbours. The shouts of ‘ham…. Ham Dukie… ‘ just didn’t have the same effect!

It did just make me wonder whether the problems I had with Dukie were not all entirely my fault. Obviously, I considered myself to be the worst dog owner in the land… It was all my fault that Dukie was so awful. Of course as owner I need to take some responsibility and there were lots of things I didn’t do right… But maybe he was also quite a naughty stubborn determined character!

When this lovely golden lab came at my command- I just had a moment of thinking- maybe I wasn’t all bad.

Thank you Hilda.

She is very good for me as well this week…


Thanks for listening!


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