Pink lilies and long point


I am recovering from surgery and not able to work currently. That is an uncomfortable place for me. i am in lots of physical pain but also mentally am finding it a challenge. as i left my DBT session last week my therapist said to me- lots of focus on the PLEASE MASTER skills! i underestimated how true those words would ring!!!

Having now finally radically accepted that I was slightly deluded to think I would be fine… I am consciously turning my will to practicing these skills.

I did prepare slightly for convalescence in the sense that I bought myself a new tapestry kit as I realised my previous one was likely to run out. I chose pink lilies- one of my favourite flowers. It has helped keep my sanity over this past week…it has enabled me to be mindful, it has been self-soothing and it taking on life has helped me build mastery. I’m sort of glad it is getting done- but I don’t want it to be be finished either! I find seeing the outline canvas beginning to come to life very satisfying indeed. I love it!


I think my soft spot for pink lilies birthed when my mum died 16 years ago. I was teaching in London, and soon after she died I walked into the school office and saw this most beautiful basket of pink lilies… I commented on how beautiful they were- and the school secretary told me they were for me… I still remember that gift to this day.

I arrived to stay with dear friends last weekend- on the kitchen table were these beauties…


All ties up really…

My friends live in a beautiful part of the world and have lovely living quarters… This morning I was pondering how we can live in the most beautiful place but if we are unhappy on the inside- no surroundings are necessarily going to make that better. Conversely, we can live in a dump- but peace in our hearts can transform our environments.

One of my tasks this week is to allow the beauty of this place nourish my soul… More posts to follow!

Thanks for listening


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