Why I wish I was more like Anne of Green Gables…


Why I wish I was more like Anne of Green Gables…

It’s not just about the red hair- even though I have often thought about dying my hair ginger… And if I ever had a cat it would have to be a ginger one- and Dukie my dog had a touch of ginger about him… No, her hair is definitely an attraction for me- but there is something so much more attractive about her.


Firstly for those yet to become acquainted with Miss Anne (with an e) Shirley she is the orphan/ heroine of L.M.Montgomery’s delightful series of books set on Prince Edward Island. Anne is priceless- naughty but not devious, emotional but not sentimental, intelligent but self-effacing, ambitious yet likeable… I LOVE Anne Shirley.

I never read the books as a child- but I remember catching a glimpse of the television series one Sunday afternoon and I was slightly mesmerised by this character- I think mainly because she reminded me a bit of myself! Recently I read the book and I was in child like heaven.

The reason I want to be more like her- is that she personifies for me what it means to live in the moment… Every flower, tree, sound, event was truly lived… Nothing passed her by- she lived in the moment. Her use if imagination slightly scares me to be honest (more of that in another post) but Anne lived a grateful life.

The core module of dialectical behaviour therapy is mindfulness. I am re-visiting those skills again this week- being in the moment- increasing my awareness- being one mindful- all those really helpful skills. And I’ve been thinking about Anne Shirley a lot.

You never know, I may still dye my hair red… It would fit my colouring- and many if the title scrapes she found herself in- I can utterly relate to! But more than that, I would love my imagination and appreciation to develop… I find the world of Anne Shirley very attractive!

Thanks for listening.


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