I think I have blogged about trees before… But this week I’ve been surrounded by trees and I’m stirred to ponder on them once more.

Throughout my life I’ve always felt that at significant moments God has gifted me with trees. I know, it sounds slightly strange, but that is one way I have sensed God’s love for me- through trees! When I lived in south London, I looked at at a row of gorgeous apple blossom trees- it was glorious. I currently work in two schools where the classes are named after trees- I love it!

I hasten to add I am pitifully poor on being able to identify and name the species… Another task for another time!

This week I have lived in the company of numerous enormous trees, in particular this magnificent cedar.


It is just splendid. I have been sitting on a soft reclining chair and in one direction I see her and in the other I see various trees 100’s of feet high… Can’t be bad.

The cedar is my favourite though. I do like trees where the branches start relatively low to the ground. It makes them more accessible somehow. When I was in Mozambique there was a fellow visitor who was slightly obsessed with climbing and sitting in trees. If we couldn’t find her- we sort of knew she would be up a tree somewhere! I never quite got it… I could understand the climbing bit- but actually sitting in them always struck me as very uncomfortable!

This week, I have had no desire to sit in the bottom of the cedar tree… I’m uncomfortable enough sitting on a sofa- but it did make me think, what fun a tree house would be… With padded seats and room for leg elevation of course. As Miranda’s mum would say ‘such fun’ ! In terms of DBT skills – it’s been a good image for me.

Thanks for listening.


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