I am blessed


Today I woke with a huge sense of feeling grateful. Not sure for any particular reason- rather a conglomerate of little things that marry together and humble me.

I am grateful that today I woke up and the noose of depression wasn’t there. Today I woke up warm, in a comfortable bed. I had food to eat for breakfast. I have friends who I will see today. I have interests and things to explore. I have eyes that can see and ears that can hear. I am not in physical pain. I can speak. I am warm. I have a mind that interests me. I can breathe.

Yesterday the sun was shining and I experienced new things.

Today the sun isn’t shining but I still have a day ahead of possibilities.

I can choose to think about all the things that aren’t so good- but today I am grateful that I am able to focus on all I have- not what I don’t. I don’t want to take that ability for granted.

I am grateful for being grateful.

For any who are reading this and aren’t able to feel grateful- I completely understand. I have spent more days than I would care to recollect of wishing I were dead… That’s why I wanted to acknowledge that today is different. I can only empathise with those who struggle to do it… I know how hard it is.

But today is today. I will enjoy the freedom to be grateful.

I leave a picture that makes me smile.


Thanks for listening.


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  1. I am constantly surprised at my sudden ability to see the silver lining or be grateful or look on the bright side. Even the morning after one of the worst day/nights of my life I could potentially wake up full of vim and vigour – ok no just joking never vim and vigour – but with hope and gratitude and I think “where the hell did this person come from?!” And then I think “yay” and go about my day with little smiles and little pats on the back. I’m glad you blogged about this.
    I just happen to have scheduled a post on my little happinesses for midnight tonight (aussie time) with photos because I want people to know I can write sad bad poetry and feel like shiz but every now and then, often at least once a day, I can have a positive thought, or something can make me smile or I remember to be grateful.

    Wonderful post. I love the duckling squee!

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