Buildings, buildings everywhere


I mentioned in my previous post my interest in architecture and buildings. This interest was first ignited during a GCSE History Visit to Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. I had never seen anything like it all, I was mesmerised. I remember paying extra to have my photo film developed faster and they arrived on a Saturday and I loved looking at my photos of window frames and brick work!


I studied Music at A level- but one of the things I enjoyed most was in the history of Music module where I could relate music to the architecture of the time. I had a teacher who lent me his history of architecture book and I loved making connections and looking at the images.

DBT has caused me to look in detail at some of the things that motivate me and make me tick as a person. It has been moving me from survival mentality to participating. I remember with shock (only 8 years ago) going out for a meal with a friend- who didn’t eat her meat as she didn’t like the taste of it. I didn’t have an issue with the ‘protest’ but I clearly remember thinking that I wouldn’t know whether I liked the way it was cooked or not… I had absolutely no concept of my own tastes or preferences.

As my sense of self has developed. I am making conscious decisions for me. I’ve always wanted to go to Russia- could never really find an available friend who wanted to do the same. But being prepared to go by myself- I’ve booked… I’m going. As it happens two others are coming with me… But I would have gone by myself if necessary.

One of my principal interests in Moscow and St Petersburg are the buildings… I’m really looking forward to seeing St Basil’s cathedral, the palaces, Kremlin and such like. Fortuitously, I happened to hear a programme on Radio 4 that mentioned you can get arrested for taking photos of buildings in Russia!!!!! I am looking forward to my trip, but I am managing my expectations- if I can come back home without being either hospitalised or arrested, I will class it as a success!

So back to buildings… I don’t need to go to Russia to explore amazing buildings. They are on my doorstep. I’m really excited at getting back in touch with this interest. It’s a shame that lots of my interests have been dormant for so many years- never mind. It’s never too late.

Thanks for listening.

As an aside… I’ve just had the Belarussian consulate on the phone! Getting visas for Russia… And transit visas to travel through Belarus are a complete palava… At this rate the visa is ‘due’ the day before I travel… If its delayed, I’m stuffed! Deep breaths!


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