Best laid plans and all that…


My house mate is away for the weekend. My instant reaction to the news was- yippee!!! Not because i don’t like her- but because I can sleep later on Saturday! The central heating and hot water controls are located in my bedroom and every morning the 6am ‘click’ wakes me up… So frustrating! When I live alone I put it on when I wake up- but that’s not possible when I have a lodger.

Last night I skipped up the stairs to bed. I turned everything off… Put on extra warm pyjamas to make sure the cold didn’t wake me up- turned other stuff off and envisioned a good long sleep… Alas no…

2 hours later I was awake with abdominal pains… And continued to wake at regular hours throughout the night… I am wiped out!

Yesterday in DBT with Penelope we were discussing the difference between pain and suffering. We cannot change pain- but we can reduce our suffering by how we respond to that pain. I can’t change the fact that I didn’t sleep very well and have been awake since the middle of the night- but I can choose how I now react to that. Instead of being upset that my lie in was spoiled- I choose to accept that it didn’t work out as I would have liked- no big deal. I move on. It makes for a much more pleasant experience!

Thanks for listening.


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