Sexual fantasies and changing faces part 1


Last Thursday I was interviewed for a book. By a proper published author. She came to my house, put on her tape recorder and interviewed me.

The book is about the sexual fantasies of English women. A friend of mine met the author and thought I might be a good subject for her to interview! (That in itself is most probably another blog post!)

I agreed to the interview principally for two reasons. 1) why not? And 2) it does not need a rocket scientist to work out that it was going to stir things up for me- but I know I could take it to my DBT sessions as material for processing! I do really think life brings up those things that need bringing up at times. I want to be free and if that means facing painful stuff – so be it.

Don’t panic, I am not going to blog about my sexual fantasies- you will need to read the book for that. But two significant themes came up for me- that I need to plough through in my sessions and life. For the sake of brevity I will blog about each one separately- even though they are inter-related. As I realise there can be too much of a good thing in one go!

Thanks for listening.


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