Not quite as I imagined!


I feel the need to qualify what I am about to write- by saying, currently I am having some physical troubles that are interfering with my sleep. Therefore I am becoming increasingly tired and tearful… So possibly I would not normally respond as I did- but today I did!

I posted earlier about my bread making foray. It was a gift for my elderly neighbour. I enjoyed the process very much. Unfortunately I do admit that
A) it ended up being a bit browner than perhaps it should have been and
B) I didn’t grease the tin enough so it ended up coming out of the tin in 3 separate lots! But apart from that I didn’t think I had done too bad!

I took it in to Edna who informed me in no uncertain terms that should wouldn’t eat that- it looked horrible and then she ended it by saying she couldn’t eat it, it looked so disgusting- she would give it to the birds!!!

It really hurt. Proper hurt. It had taken about 2 hours in total to make… I was quite shocked. I had written her name in the top of the loaf and everything! Thankfully I got out of her house without crying in front of her and I took my sorry looking loaf back with me!

Creativity and cooking is such a personal thing. When we share our gifts we make ourselves vulnerable and today I wasn’t quite resilient enough to the lack of appreciation!

I think it was made slightly worse as the Christmas cake and Christmas cookies have remained un-eaten until tonight. I am definitely trying! I leave a picture and admit it looks a bit ropey- but big chunks of it with cheese and pickle might have worked!



Thanks for listening.


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  1. Oh no! Well Edna, that was not very nice was it…..:( That’s so horrible when you had taken the time to make it for her. Maybe put it down to her “elderliness” and bake another one to give to someone who might be a bit more appreciative? It looked good to me….xx

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