2014 I am blessed.


Last year I remember clearly writing a blog post / thank you letter during a New Year break in the French Alps. This year it will be shorter but equally full of gratitude.

I am so blessed. I am breathing, able to walk, have food to eat and I am loved and am growing in my capacity to love others. But over the last few days I have been bursting with thankfulness for the most precious gift. The gift of change. I have changed, I am changing and I will continue to change. And that excites me more than anything. The potential to change. That for me sums up the essence of being alive. I can change the things that are changeable and I can accept the things that aren’t.


I have posted before about my difficulties getting in the London Underground tube. This year I have begun to take small steps in this process. Yesterday I was able to get myself to Waterloo and then onto Surrey. A year ago I wouldn’t have even given it a go. That’s exciting for me.

None of us know what 2014 will bring. But I hold closely on to the truth that things and I can change.

Happy New Year.

Thanks for listening.


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