Another go!


I have attempted baking bread again after my first nit so successful attempt! A friend is coming for lunch, she doesn’t know about the last disaster so she is under no pressure to be polite!

I have been reviewing a lot of my DBT material and the skill of mastery. My understanding of mastery is that it needs to be something that is a challenge but not completely beyond achievement. When we have mastered the thing, the result is increased self-esteem, satisfaction and it is evidence in the armour against hopelessness.

I couldn’t give up in bread baking at first failure. This one looks a bit better- not sure about the taste though. They remind me slightly of roast chickens but they should be ciabatta loafs! I am beginning to understand that the shape I put them into the oven is the one they are going to come out. I think I thought that they would come out perfectly shaped even if I out them in a bit jaggedly!!!! Never mind. I think the term is rustic!

Perseverance is the name of the game in this season I think!



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  1. Looks good, good for you. I just made homemade soup for lunch ..a good combo! I ordered dbt books in the summer to look at…partly inspired by you and partly after being told by my therapist I have strong bpd tendencies. Really should pick those books up again. I have started blogging, though still finding my way with it…tends to be more like a journal and has heavy Christian references. If you are interested it is

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