That time of year again…


It’s been a busy few weeks. With good things. But busy nevertheless. But I have been gifted the chance to breathe, take stock and refresh. Last new year I went skiing with friends- I do not ski, but I do enjoy après ski all day! I joined them on Sunday. Yesterday I slept pretty much most of the day… Wonderful.

I decided before I came out to France that I would release myself from all expectations this holidaySometimes I try so hard to rest that I never manage it! Sometimes I come on holiday thinking I will ad this book… Make that garment… Do this amount of exercise… I put so much pressure on myself to relax that I can exhaust myself. This holiday I decided that my priority was sleep. My sleep pattern was really disturbed over the christmas holidays with needing eye drops through the night, and I know I need to sleep. My next priority was to try and go with the flow. If I blogged great, if I didn’t, great. If I did any work, fab- if I didn’t do any work- fab. I don’t find this easy. I felt the pang of guilt yesterday when I only woke up at lunch time… But I am going to consciously choose to do what I need- not what I think I should do.

So I write this blog because I want to. Lemon drizzle is in the oven because I wanted to make it for my friends. I’ve listened to barchester towers on the radio because I have the time to stop and listen. I’ve mentioned many times that resting and relaxing are a huge challenge for me… I really hope that this week is a step in the right direction.

I leave with my view from the balcony… What a gift.

Thanks for listening.



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