When the random happens


I have been a teacher for 22 years. In that time I have possibly interacted with hundreds, if not thousands of families. In all these years I have NEVER had a child ask me about my face… Until this morning!

How random is that!!!!

I’ve worked nearly all of my career in inner London. I’ve always credited this for being the reason for why the children have never taken a huge amount of notice about what I look like. The schools where I’ve worked are full of every size, shape, colour, culture and disability under the sun- so I’ve never really stood out.

I can only remember two occasions where I think children have been whispering about my face. But I’ve never heard any names or anything like that. Until this morning!!!

My primary school is in East London, so my theory about the accepting diverse culture of inner cities was just blown out of the window!

A new child (aged 5 ish) saw me in the corridor, asked me my name, I asked her hers. She then asked why I looked like I did… I asked what she meant… She said my face looked funny. I didn’t feel it was appropriate to talk about feelings etc… And to be honest it was no big deal. I wasn’t upset . I wasn’t even hurt- she was a young girl exploring her new environment.

However, the timing and irony of the situation was not lost on me. My first comment in 22 years the same time I start at Changing Faces… Random! I have to admit I hope I don’t have too many more randoms!

Thanks for listening.


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