Thank you


Thank you to everyone who has text, commented and hugged me over the past few days.

I am ok.

I have chosen to sit with raw-ness not pretend it doesn’t exist. Friday and Saturday were tricky but I am ok.

I am sorry that I shared the name of the charity- of course I did that in a positive way. I would like to say I really think they do an amazing work and if anyone was thinking of supporting/ contacting them I do encourage to find out for yourself if they can help in your particular circumstances. Unfortunately it hasn’t worked out for me.

My BPD diagnosis is being cited as the reasons for removal of services. I didn’t disclose this at the assessment A) because I wasn’t asked b) I told them about DBT which I felt gave an indication of my issues and C) my psychiatrist does not think I have BPD.

They found this out when they spoke to Penelope my DBT therapist. Ironically, this is the reason for removal but they rung her to tell her that I wasn’t suitable before they even knew this information. Bit of a blow.

I now need to go about the palava of getting that diagnosis officially changed- which involves potentially a lot more angst. However, having my first incident due to this diagnosis if it is not accurate I don’t want it- especially if it is going to cause me hassle!

It’s funny, as I write this lots of pain surfaces about it all. Time for a brisk walk me thinks.

Thanks for listening.


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