Driving to the caravan on Saturday, over half way here I realised I had left my tablets at home… 😦 Soooo frustrating. In that moment I had to decide whether I would turn around to get them or I would just hope for the best and miss some doses.

I need to say that I decided not to turn around. Hephzibah, I am sorry that you did that to yourself.

In the bottom of my bag I found some stray tablets that would enable me to fudge through. Friends were visiting on Monday, so I knew I could get some to them to bring with them.

I am humbled. My sister drove 1.5 hours each way to bring my tablets to me. I didn’t ask her to. But she and her husband did.

I should have done that for myself. The more I think and chat with others I realise that loving yourself and caring for yourself like we care for others is difficult. How much more pleasant life could be for everyone if we could just be nicer to ourselves.

Thanks for listening.


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