I am learning


Once again, I realise this will come into people’s inboxes in the wrong order… start with the oldest one first!

In my previous post I described the events of a Saturday a few weeks ago… horrible! This Sunday I had a similar situation, but I handled it differently… which was really great đŸ™‚

I am on half term. I have decided to go to the caravan. Saturday night a friend stayed over, but she left early Sunday morning. 9am, and the black cloud descends. I remembered where I went wrong before. I took a deep breath and prepared for moment by moment combat. Potentially I would have to go from skill to skill, hour by hour to manage. I did. and I did.

I have been doing lots of colouring of mandalas. I then walked. I then watched X Factor. I then went to the clubhouse to get some internet. I ate. I text. I did it.

Today has been similar. I have coloured, washed up, ate, walked and now I am sitting in a vintage tea room using their internet and blogging. I am slightly on the edge. If I wasn’t intentional I could envisage the slip. So I need a plan. I am looking at the sea, sitting in the wind. Eating a cream tea (sorry Daniel!) I need internet to blog. I have tried writing posts on word and then uploading at a different point- it isn’t quite the same… the power of blogging for me, is being heard. Being heard by myself and by others. I am having to buy expensive drinks to justify my use of their internet and chairs- but I have to give myself this gift.

I find that tricky.. but I’m going to do it.

Thanks for listening.


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