Today at the age of 43, I received my first ever Christmas stocking. It arrived in the post with instructions to be opened on Christmas morning. It was quite heavy and I thought it might be a bottle of Buck’s Fizz for breakfast (which I have never had but the sender of the stocking knew I was trying to do things differently!)

Anyway, I saw it this morning and opened it and lo and behold it was a Christmas stocking filled with things for me. I had been talking to Florence about wanting to make stockings for my siblings- as it was something we never had, and she was sharing her experience and advice on Christmas stockings! It didn’t dawn on me that I would receive one. Such a special gift.

Thank you Florence.

Another consequence is that I felt a little sad that I hadn’t decorated my house and tried to be a bit more Christmassy, so that’s good- I need to remember this for next year!

I hope that to everyone who reads this, whether it is the happiest day of the year or one of the worse for you- I hope we can all treat ourselves with a little kindness in honour of the One who loves us so much He gave us the gift of His Son.

Thanks for listening.



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