Being known


Christmas is for all intent and purposes virtually over. The holidays are not 🙂
One of the lovely things for me this Christmas was that I felt really ‘known’. In the presents I got, I knew that people knew me. It was lovely.

In particular I had an abundance of onesies (a girl can never have too many!). Luxury ones, fluffy ones and possibly my most outrageous one to date! (Actually this is a close call between this one and the giraffe one that nearly got me arrested in Poland! )

I’m looking forward to wearing it to school for World Book Day!


I also got beautiful furniture for my dolls house. Last January I had planned to work on my dolls house but my eyes were poorly and I couldn’t. I was already thinking that I would set aside January this year to have my dolls house as my creative project. My friend beat me too it. Such a beautiful gift.

It is really nice being able to receive love. Being horrible to oneself is really more highly rated than it should be!

Thanks for listening.


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