metaphor and meaning


The Background.

I am a visual learner.

Neuroscience proves that working in metaphor is one of the most effective healing of memories/ trauma techniques.

I trained as a Play Therapist- which is almost entirely a metaphorical system. During my training, I gained huge insights to myself through the different mediums, all of which were using metaphor.

The Context

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at Agnes’ house. We were both really shattered and therefore both happy to sprawl in front of the tele. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was on – just perfect.(I have always had an affection for the work of C.S. Lewis, especially since an ill-fated few weeks in Switzerland, where I spent a lot of time reading his writings and about his life.)

Those familiar with the Chronicles of Narnia series will know that this particular story is a metaphor for the Salvation of Jesus for mankind. Aslan, the innocent King, substitutes himself for the guilty Edmund who deserves punishment. The Witch believes she has won but Aslan resurrects and conquers his enemies. I know the novel and the facts of the Salvation story well.

The Consequence

But there was something very powerful about the visual image. I’ve seen the film before and liked it. But on this Sunday afternoon, I saw Aslan the Lion in a different way. He had the most beautiful, kind eyes ever. He was so strong. So gentle. So powerful. So loving.

At one point after he has risen from the dead, he instructs Lucy and Susan to “climb on my back”. That really touched me. I felt like Jesus was saying, “Hepzibah, climb on my back”I could relate to Aslan. I wanted to be with Aslan. The thought of climbing on his back, felt safe, exciting and the only place in the world where I wanted to be.

As I think about RATWAT and other things for this year… the most important is that I learn again what it means to “climb on His back.”

I’m not sure this post will make much sense to others, but it means the world to me.

Thanks for listening



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    • I think I did see them when I was a child… to be honest, I’ve only read the TLTWTW, I keep meaning to read the others in the series, but it never quite happens. I’m sure there is some brilliant stuff in them too.
      Hope you are doing ok.

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