some successes…


Happy New Year and all that… there is nothing new year-y in this post, I just happen to have some space and time to blog and catch up with myself… but I do wish everyone a healthy, whole, peaceful and joyful New Year.

I have had some good moments and some not so good moments this holiday so far. However, the not so good moments, have really turned in to better moments as I have been able to be DBT skilful in certain situations which has been a wonderful thing to experience.

Last weekend I had a day/ evening without any plans. I was soooo excited at this prospect. I genuinely felt invigorated at the thought of not having to be any where at any particular time… lovely. Unfortunately, the day didn’t turn out as I had hoped (I think in hindsight I was just too passive in my rest- but that’s for another blog post). I hit a particularly tricky place about 8pm. Too early to go to bed for not sleep… but unbearably long to try and endure in my current place.

As agreed I text my friend. Doing this, helped in two ways. 1) Someone else knowing my pain at that moment was really validating and 2) it jolted me in to action. It gave me enough of a reality check to start being skilful. It was great.

I had been reading James Corden’s autobiography (I love autobiographies- doesn’t really matter who, but it is one of my favourite genres). In it he talked about some of his sketches for Comic/Sports Relief as Smithy from the British Sitcom Gavin and Stacey. I decided I needed to change my energy. Get in to opposite action. So I decided to google these sketches on youtube and I then had a very enjoyable hour or so laughing out loud at people being silly… it was just what I needed.

It was so special being able to see myself arrest a downward spiralling day. Thank you  DBT skills and well done Hepzibah, you did good.

Thanks for listening.


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