what’s different?


At the start of the holidays, I was chatting with Florence. She observed that I was not physically unwell this holiday (apart from a chest/ cough thingy that doesn’t really count as being ill in my book!). We talked about how I had possibly managed work this term differently… it has always been quite common that I will get through term (I am a teacher) and then as soon as the holidays start my body will protest and cause me grief.

It has got me thinking about what I have done differently this term. Because of course I want to carry it on and get even better!

Some of my initial thoughts are

1) I increased my medication. I knew that I hit a low point in October. I didn’t ignore it. I told my Doctor and we made a plan which I followed… big tick and smiley face

2) I stopped when I got physically poorly at the end of term with a bad chest. I realise not quite as long as my body most probably needed but I definitely stopped. Big wow, can’t quite believe I actually did that- big tick and smiley face

3) Virtually every week, even when things have been quite busy I have managed a 24 hour fast from work and the computer. Have found this very tricky, and even if I haven’t physically worked, switching my brain off from work has been fairly unsuccessful- however, I have tried to put into place structures that should help me rest. 24 hours- no work. Not a set day necessarily, but a look at the clock and a decision to not work for 24 whole hours. Not quite a big tick for success, but a huge tick for even trying!!!

4) I have journaled and blogged. My journal is for myself and it is all the stuff that I can’t blog about! But it has been a big release for me. I can’t recommend journalling enough- it’s nothing to do with being a good writer, it’s about being honest. I have been taught in the Lucia Capacchione method. http://www.healthy.net/creativejournal/ by Ann Beazer of http://www.annbeazer.com

Ann’s workshops are just brilliant. Tick, need to do more, but tick for trying

5) One of the biggest differences. I have found my purpose. I feel like a round peg in a round hole. My work energises me. The people I work with spur me on (my colleagues not all my staff yet!). I am being challenged intellectually, personally and strategically. I have vision. I am excited. Big big tick. Taken me about 20 years to get to this place, but I’m on the right track. Hepzibah, you’ve done good. 

I’ve made lots of mistakes this term: professionally and personally. But I won’t be disabled or condemned by them. I will use them to make next term even more peaceful for myself.

Thanks for listening.


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