vision, motivation and confusion


I have been on a Visioning Workshop all day today. It has been a good but tiring day. Like journaling, I have been taught visioning by and it originates from Lucia Cappchione in California.

I have done vision boards before. I had pre-decided my theme that I wanted to do a vision board on. But I also tried to be open to any other ideas that came up in the moment. However, the issue became that I was torn between my theme… the one I had originally thought of or my new ‘aha’ moment. It has left an unsatisfactory feeling. I don’t like things not being resolved. I like clarity! And today I don’t have it.

I went for my run after the session. I am in the depths of West Sussex and it is SOOO dark. I am very pleased I took a torch with me! This is the inspiring quote from the app for this run. I have decided I should try and read them before I start… it might encourage me!

I need to sleep on things and maybe tomorrow will be a bit clearer.

Thanks for listening. IMG_0565


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