Keep on Running!


This week I have been for a run 3 times! My calf muscle has recovered, (Florence intervened and made it clear that to run on it while injured was really not a good idea!). I am so pleased I can run again. Not just because I enjoy running but also because I have proved to myself that a break doesn’t necessarily mean a total stop. I’m chuffed.

I’m also chuffed because during my last run I:

ran for 2 mins, walked for 2 mins

ran for 3 mins, walked for 3 mins (TWICE) and then

ran for 2 mins and walked for 2 mins.

HOW COOL IS THAT. I can run for 3 mins without stopping!!!!! 

I went ‘running’ with Paul and Emma earlier in the week (I am embarrassingly slow!) but as Paul commented, I am now running double what I could do at the start- actually I think nearer 3 times. So that’s pretty darn good in my book!

I had promised myself that if I was still running by Feb half term I would buy myself a pair of decent trainers. I went and had my running videoed and based on my gait purchased the recommended trainers. They are delicious! It makes a big difference! Daniel, get yourself some decent trainers!!!!! Really worth the money.

Keep on Running everyone, in whatever form that means for you.

Keep on keeping on.

Thanks for listening.



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