My One Year Anniversary


This day last year- I had my hair cut! I went with my friend Clarissa and had my hair cut at a posh Hair training academy. That isn’t the anniversary I am celebrating though… I am celebrating one of the consequences of having my hair cut short.

Today, 365 days later, I have managed to have a shower on 362 of those days. (I missed one as I was camping at greenbelt and all the tea in china was not going to get me inside one of those showers, 1 day I missed as I was a bit poorly with a chest infection and 1 day I missed, because I decided to face the fear that if I missed a day, I would still be able to get back in to it!)

I have talked previously about the Maths of Habit, so I always knew that I wasn’t going to blog about until my first anniversary.

I need to explain a few things.  I am not saying that every one should shower every day. I know in some cultures this is not the norm. My current lodger who is from Asia only showers about twice a week. When I was growing up lots of families might only have bathed once a week. So I realise there is nothing magic about having a shower every day. However, the issue for me, was that I felt I couldn’t manage a shower every day. It was another one of those things in my life, that others could do- but it was just beyond me.

For the last few years I have religiously showered every second day. Mainly because I do not like greasy hair and washing hair in the shower was a little easier for me. But I would wake up and be so relieved when it was the day I ‘didn’t have to shower’. I would be literally grateful that I didn’t have to face the shower.

But my new shorter hair cut, meant that I had to wash my hair every day in my opinion, to stop it looking greasy. I decided to use that as my impetus to have a shower every day. And I’ve managed it. Every single day (apart from 3!) And now, more wonderfully, I don’t really have to go through a palava to do it. It has become part of my routine. I don’t really enjoy it but I don’t wake up dreading it and I rarely think about trying to get away with it.

That feels amazing to me. 🙂 I know it is something that others may take for granted. But I don’t. When I’m in my shower, I just thank God for my recovery and my triumphs. They are sweet.

Thanks for listening.


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